Calibration and Measurement

Primary task in the field of scientific and Industry metrology of Laboratory is maintaining the National-standard for length and assuring measurements traceability in Slovenian industry. For this purpose the Laboratory is accredited for length-calibrations of standards and measuring equipment by Slovenian Accreditation (SA).

Quality manual

Quality manual

Calibration procedures

Calibration procedures can be found on this link . (you need an access password)


First accreditation certificates for calibration activities in accordance with standard EN 45001 were granted in 1997. The accreditation was granted at the same time by Slovenian Accreditation SA (at that time USM-SA) and by Dutch accreditation body RvA. In the beginning we were only accredited for calibration of gauge blocks 0,5 mm to 100 mm and calibration of gauge block comparators 0,5 mm to 100 mm. Later the accreditation scope was extended a few times and at the time it comprises 18 calibration procedures (Calibrations, accredited according to ISO 17025). In 2001 the laboratory was accredited according to ISO 17025.


The laboratory performs various measurements for industry (one- two- and three-coordinate asurements). Measurements of machine tools with laser interferometer HP 5528 A can be performed as well. One-coordinate measurements can be performed with an uncertainty U = 0,1 mm; k = 2 (in a measurement range up to 60 mm), while the uncertainty of three-coordinate measurements on the CMM Zeiss UMC 850 is U = 2,1 µm + 3,3E-6·L ; k = 2 (L is the measured length).Uncertainty of measurements with the laser interferometer depends at most on environmental conditions in clients premises and can in best case reach the lower limit of 0,1 mm/m.

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations

Non-accredited calibration

In order to fulfill special industrial needs, the laboratory also performs calibrations for which it is not accredited – in first place calibrations of special measurement equipment, two-coordinate measuring devices and special types of classical measuring instruments. Such calibrations are performed in accordance with agreements with clients considering client’s special metrological requirements.

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Ordering services

Working hours for clients: 8:00 – 14:00

Calibration order should include:

  • measuring instrument res. standard, uniformly numbered,
  • written order containing list of equipment to be calibrated, required uncertainty of measurement and cross-reference to the offer,
  • the way of returning the equipment should be indicated (personal receipt, send by mail).

Measurement order should include:

  • workpiece to be measured,
  • written order,
  • proper drawing with indicated quantities to be measured,
  • the way of returning the equipment should be indicated (personal receipt, send by mail).

Privacy statement:
All customer information obtained under the Services are confidential. Information about the contracting authority may be transmitted to the national authorities, it shall be notified in advance to the contracting authority, unless expressly prohibited by law.