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Main focus of Scientific-research work of Laboratory is development of metrological applications for practical use in Industry, Science and other branches. We are also performing Service-activities for customers in the field of Industry and Science metrology, as well as Quality System Manual, which also includes Calibrations and Professional education and training.


Name and surname Delovno mesto Workplace Phone E-mail
red. prof. dr. Bojan Ačko Head of the laboratory D1-010 +386 2 220 7581 kontakt
dr. Lucija Črepinšek Lipuš Assistant D1-004 +386 220 7762 kontakt
dr. Rok Klobučar Assistant D1-004 +386 220 7608 kontakt
Mitja Mlakar, dipl. inž. Technical assistant D1-004 +386 220 7587, 7884 kontakt
Jasna Tompa, mag. inž. oblik. in tekst.mat. Technical assistant D1-004 +386 220 7913 kontakt

University of Maribor

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Laboratoy for production measurement
 (D1 005)
Smetanova ul. 17
2000 Maribor


Head of the laboratory:
red. prof. dr. Bojan Ačko



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